Paul, Dusseldorf​ GERMANY

Nick was great! From leading my lost driver to my apartment, to showing me the ropes. And he gave me some very useful advice on Philippine prices vs. Anglo prices. It kept my learning curve fairly inexpensive. The apartment was big. Way bigger than I needed since I did not throw big parties. And the air conditioner worked very well. It had all the basics and in time I think Nick will add even more pieces of furniture. Note: there are no street signs in the Philippines. Nor are there house numbers. You MUST tell the drive to go to the Petron station (everyone knows where it is) then go to the Blue Fields Hotel (everyone hanging around Petron knows where it is) and then you are 1/2 block away. Anglos are treated with such respect: "yes sir", "what can I do for you sir". I will miss being treated like royalty. And with guards everywhere, I felt very safe. I had lots of conversations with guards stationed in remote areas that I was walking around. Of course don't do stupid things like walking down a dark street after drinking too much. The city fathers really go out of their way to protect us Anglos. Again, it is really a trip to be considered "royalty" just because of where I was born. And in advance I will steer you away from Thailand and India. You are much more safer in the Philippines. And for some reason the price of electronics is about 1/4 to 1/3 that of elsewhere. I picked up some very nice stuff CHEAP. I did eventually start eating from the street side vendors. If I was quoted an "Anglo" price I walked away. If I was quoted a Filipino price, I stocked up. Like 3 lumpa for 10 pesos (about 23 cents) or 3 chicken egg rolls for 20 pesos. You can also eat normal American food for normal American prices, but what is the fun in that! I think everybody should experience at least a month in the Philippines.

​September 2013

Reviews & Pictures 

La Paz Wonderful WOrld


Hy, Houston USA
La Paz means the Peace, and yes, it is really peaceful at the beach villa “La Paz” Wonderful World. We didn’t have so much time to stay there, but we are certainly going to book another trip to this villa. The owner had made an afford to buy new furniture and for the 550 extra charge we had an private cook, she made a BBQ cook-out for us, and she even did the cleaning up. When I talked to the owner he told me about the improvements he is going to make in and around the house. The swing bed is already in place and we saw so many stars in sky it was unreal. This villa is worth to check out!Thank you for the excellent stay Nick!

​January 2014
Bart, Budingen BELGIUM

we had the time of our life. nick is a great guy that is trustworthy and he does everything to help you out with all things you could imagine! the locals in the street are very nice people. tita from the sari sari does the wash and she keeps the rooms very clean! it was our first time in angeles but it aint the last time! check out his place in San Narciso. its a nice big beach villa in a quiet neighborhood ! 

​January 2014

Because you only live once..... 

Sergey, St. Petersburg RUSSIA 

Nick is a very open and friendly person. He met me at the place and showed me around. It was so valuable as it was my first time to philippines and i travelled alone. Nick was always on the phone willing to help. All i asked him was at my door in just an hour. Room rate is more than reasonable, aircond and shower was ok. Wifi is there. Really king-sized 'silent' bed if u know what i mean) You can even cook in the room but i never did as the food is cheap there. Couple clubs are just nearby, main street (Fields ave) is 100 peso away by the tricycle or 8 peso by jeepney. The ride will take u ~2-3 min or like 10 min of walk (did that sometimes). At the night time it was just ok walking alone at 3am, no any groups of people or something, mostly trike drivers or friendly locals. Highly recommend Nick's place if you want to feel guided and like home in such a remote location like (website hidden). As I'm coming back from Boracay now i will meet up with Nick again to stay 2 more days in Ang city. Big thanks to u Nick!!

​March 2014
Ragnis, Tallinn ESTONIA 

Nicks place is awesome, couldnt have a better time in angeles without nick and sebastian. The welcome to the apartment is great, already on the first day i was shown around the nightlife, introduced to many people and got everything that i needed sorted out. I travelled alone, but had always something to do, there are staying many travellers with who we had little trips on the scooters to see other places, one great place to visit was nicks villa on the beach where we went with a group of people for barbeque and to enjoy the sea and sun The nabers are all very nice, helpful and provide laundry, cleaning and you can buy from the sarisari most things you need. My apartment was clean, ac worked well and it was safe to leave my belongings there. The city is unbelievable, always alive and the field street is a MUST to see. If you have never been in angeles city, then the best place to start, would be at nicks place. All together i loved the place, the people, my time there, had a lot of fun, good holiday, great girls in the city, many new friends. Nick is an awesome person, see you soon mate, tnx for everything!

January 2014


I took my whole family and my dog to Nick's beach house. We all had a great time. The coastline is beautiful and peaceful. Away from the crowds. The house has a big kitchen and enough rooms to fit a group of 10 or more. We bought freshly caught fish from the fishermen and witnessed how the locals help each other when dragging in the fishing nets from the water. It was a special experience. I will definitely be back!

March 2014